The Electric Church by Jeff Somers

I am now on book 3 of this series and thought I’d do a quick review.

In the Electic Church our anti-hero Avery Cates, who is a bad person with good intentions, is hired (not that he can refuse) to kill someone. This is what he does for a living but this target is a little different. The contract is on Dennis Squalor, leader of the Electric Church, a church where the followers are converted to cyborgs. Avery assembles a team of highly efficient and strange criminals and takes on the job. No spoilers here but this is a great romp, lots of gritty violence and bad language. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

In The Digital Plague Avery faces a new challenge. He’s rich as all hell from his last job, but that doesn’t help him when everyone around him starts to die. A designer plague spread by microscopic machines, brilliant and deadly. Avery is in a race against time to stop the plague. Another great adventure. The only negative I can find in this book is how much punishment Avery can take and still keep fighting. Most heroes would have died 10 times over during this bloody romp. Still, a very gripping story.

And on to The Eternal Prison. After surviving the plague Avery finds himself in a prison in the middle of the desert, survival rate zero. This book alternates between his time in the prison and the jobs he takes on once he’s out. So we know he gets out somehow. I’m only about half way through this one but I must say it is typical Avery style adventure. Although, so far anyway, he isn’t getting beat up quite as much! Another enjoyable read.

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